Proper training is absolutely essential in successful gun ownership. Warrior’s Edge Armory offers an extensive range of training programs for gun owners, from beginners to experts. Our certified gun instructors have more than 30 years of hands-on experience. We are all former military or law enforcement. We offer classes geared for all phases of gun ownership, from care and cleaning to safety and marksmanship. If you’re a beginner, we can help you become proficient and comfortable with your first firearm. If you’re a sharpshooter, our world-class courses at Warrior’s Edge Armory will help take your skills to the next level.

Concealed Carry

The concealed carry firearms training we offer at Warrior’s Edge Armory meets and exceeds New Mexico state regulations of the NM Concealed Carry Act of 2003/2005. Upon completion of our training, you will receive a certificate which allows you to complete your NM State Permit application requirements. There are many important factors to consider when you are ready for concealed carry, and this course will help you make the right decision in that crucial time when you need to draw your weapon.

Our training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Weapons Handling, Safety, and Firearms Basics
  • Fighting To A Concealed Weapon
  • The Use Of Cover And Concealment
  • Engagement: Firearm Retention And Disarmament
  • Dealing With And Clearing Malfunctions
  • Alternative Means Of Tactical Engagement
  • Warrior Mindset: Surviving Deadly Force Encounters

After you take our concealed carry course, you’ll feel 100% confident in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a dangerous encounter.

Firearms Training

If you are a new gun buyer, you don’t want to realize the first time you pull your gun in self-defense that you don’t know how to use it. Our beginner courses help you familiarize yourself with your firearm. We teach you firearms safety and proper cleaning techniques. The experts at Warrior’s Edge Armory are here to help you feel comfortable using your firearm, so you feel confident in your ability to use your gun in the event of a life-threatening situation.

Experienced shooters can benefit from the real-world experience of our world-class instructors. Our courses help you take your skills to the next level, focusing on gun safety, marksmanship, and use of force articulation.

Gun Safety

At Warrior’s Edge Armory, we believe that firearm safety is just as important as marksmanship or any other aspect of firearm training. To truly respect your weapon, you need to have good safety habits. Our gun instructors teach you:

  • Different parts of the gun
  • Ammunition varieties
  • Proper loading and unloading of your gun
  • Transporting your gun
  • Various shooting positions
  • Legal use of your firearm
  • Safe handling of ammunition and your firearm
  • Gun storage options

Gun Cleaning

Every year, dozens of people are injured or killed while cleaning their guns, or because they did not properly maintain their weapons. Gun maintenance is crucial to ensure your weapon works properly when you need it most. Without regular weapon cleaning and maintenance, your gun could backfire, a potentially fatal event. At Warrior’s Edge Armory, our instructors teach you how to safely clean and maintain your weapon.

During our weapon cleaning class, our instructors will show you how to safely disassemble your gun, clean it, inspect it, lubricate it, and reassemble it. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced shooter, you’ll benefit from these courses. We also offer professional cleaning through our gunsmith services.

Warrior's Edge Armory is home to a welcoming gun store that is open five days a week. We'll be here to answer any questions you have. Contact us at (505) 508-2488 to speak to a firearms expert.

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